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St Peter, Prince of the Apostles Catholic Church Knights of Columbus Chapter #13572 was started in the Spring of 2004. The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal organization whose membership is open to Catholic Men, 18 years of age and over, who regulate their life according to the teachings of Christ and the Church and endeavor to observe the commandments of God and of the Church.

The Core Principles  of the Organization are CHARITY, UNITY, FRATERNITY AND PATRIOTISM.


The Knights are involved in all aspects of the daily life of the Church, the Community and the Country.  They are helping the less fortunate; They speak out for moral values in a culture that at times has forsaken them; They band together as brothers to help one another in good and bad times.

Meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month in the Cafeteria here at St Peter.

Please call the Pastoral Center for Membership Information at 822-3367


General Overview of the Knights of Columbus Organization:

The Knights of Columbus is a Roman Catholic fraternal organization, named in honor of Christopher Columbus.  It was founded by a Catholic priest, Father Michael J. McGivney in New Haven, Connecticut on February 2, 1882, and incorporated under the laws of Connecticut on March 29, 1882.  Although it is not under direct control by the Roman Catholic Church, it supports it enthusiastically.  The vast majority of the membership live in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Philippines.

Originally instituted, at a time when Catholics were regularly excluded from the unions and men's organizations that provided social support services, to give support to all brother Knights. Today, the Knights of Columbus is a multi-million dollar non-profit charitable organization. Knights may be seen distributing Tootsie Rolls brand candies to raise funds to fight mental illness, volunteering for the Special Olympics and other charitable organizations, erecting pro-life billboards and "Keep Christ in Christmas" signs, conducting blood drives and raising funds for disaster victims, or parading at patriotic events with their bright capes, feathered chapeaux, and ceremonial swords. The Knights of Columbus also provide annual funding for the satellite uplink of Pope John Paul II's worldwide Christmas address. In many countries that cannot afford satellite downlink, the Knights often pay for this as well.

Hierarchy descending from the Supreme Knight includes State or Provincial Deputies leading each geographical state, District Deputies overseeing several Councils and a Grand Knight heading each local Council in a specific geographic area. Councils are numbered in the order in which they chartered into the organization and are named by the local membership. The knights have ceremonial uniforms, and a variety of closed-door rituals and traditions.

Saturday - 5:30 PM
Sunday - 9 & 11 AM, 5:30 PM
Monday - No Masses
Tuesday - 7 AM
Thursday - 7 AM
Wednesday - 5:30 PM
Friday - 8:15 AM
111 Barilla Place
San Antonio, TX 78209
Office 210-822-3367
Fax 210-828-5826

Rev Martin J. Leopold